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Updated 17/2/2022


Well - all I can say is thank goodness that's coming to an end. As we move past Covid and all the restrictions we will however be keeping a number of the changes we made in the studio during this time.


Covid essentially forced us to trade as a private studio, with consultation appointments and everything pre-booked.


This has actually proved to be very popular with almost everyone appreciatting this much more personal approach. So we will continue to opperate in this way in the future. 

Obviously, while we no longer have to wear masks etc. We fully understand that everyone has different concerns and fears about this virus. So let us know how you feel if you want us to wear masks, or if you are particularly vulnerable and we'll be more than happy to accomodate your needs. 


Updated 22/07/2021


Our diary is now open for new projects.


Despite the easing of restrictions, tattooing is a close qauters personal service and so we still have some covid guidelines we are obliged to follow.


I also have family members that I need to consider. So we will be maintaining sensible precautions in the studio for the time being.

However, as all our services are by appointment only, this shouldn't intefere with your appointment too much. 


Updated 27/02/2021


We are closed at the moment due to lockdown restrictions.


We may be able to open from the 12th April. However, this will be confirmed by the government and probably not until the week before.


-Our diary will be closed for new customers until all of our excisting booked in clients have all been contacted and re-arranged. Please refer back here at a later date, or follow us on social media, for updates on this.


-Due to government guidelines, we won't be offering any piercing services for the time being.


-Government guidelines have placed restrictions on facial treatments. Therefore we won't be offering any tattoos from the neck upwards.


-All our services are now 'by appointment only'. This now also includes consultations. 


-in order to minimise personal contact, the maximum amount of time spent tattooing in any sitting will be 2 hours.


-Please come to your appointment alone.


-Please use the supplied hand sanitisor as you come into the studio.


-Please wear a face mask. I will be wearing a facemask throughout and a clear visor and appropriate ppe during your tattoo. I'm sure we'll be able to laugh about it :-)


-While we will still accept cash, we now accept card payments, apple pay and bank transfers and would prefer these please.


These actions are based on government recommendations with the addition of some of our own extra precautions.


We appreciate you're probably as fed up of Covid as we are...



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